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Free online HTML to Text Converter to convert any

How the HTML to Text Converter works

The HTML to Text conversion tool works by creating a temporary HTML element, setting its innerHTML to the HTML string you input, and then retrieving the textContent (for most browsers) or innerText (for Internet Explorer). What this means is that it parses the HTML string as though it were an actual part of an HTML document, and then retrieves only the text content, essentially ignoring and removing all the HTML tags.

What it can the HTML to Text Converter be used for?

The tool is particularly useful when you need to extract plain text from HTML code. Some possible use cases include:

  1. Data analysis: When analyzing text data that is stored in HTML format, you often want to ignore the HTML tags and focus only on the actual text content.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines focus on the text content of a webpage for indexing. Removing the HTML can help in understanding how a search engine might view your page.
  3. Email processing: If you’re working with an email in HTML format and want to convert it to plain text, this tool could be useful.
  4. Content migration: If you’re moving content from one platform to another, you might need to strip out the HTML to ensure the text displays properly in the new platform.

Benefits of the free HTML to Text Converter:

Simplicity: This tool is very simple and straightforward to use. You just input an HTML string and it gives you the text content.

Efficiency: Instead of manually going through the HTML code and deleting the HTML tags, this tool can save you a significant amount of time by doing it automatically.

Versatility: The tool can handle any HTML code, as long as it’s correctly formatted. It can handle simple paragraphs, lists, links, tables, etc. (although the resulting text might not always be formatted as you’d expect).

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Matthias Klenk
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